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Splitted-Desktop Systems (please call us SDS ! ) is a french based design house, with young talented engineering resources focused on designing today’s computer and datacenter infrastructure.

We care about our earth, and are focused on  green and recyclable technologies. We are also thinking that knowledge has value only if it is shared and useable by anybody, that is why all our developments are performed under Open Compute licensing.

Open Compute Gold Member

SDS is proud to be an Open Compute Project member and to have reach the Gold status up to July 2015. This is recognizing our deep involvement in Open Hardware, our community work capabilities, and acquired knowledges in Open Compute hardware for the benefit of our customers.

Millions servers produced per year

Millions PC produced per year

Millions smartphone produced per year

Cloud Computing is the next big thing …

and we build it from ground !

SDS engineers and consulting team is dedicated to transform the IT industry into the most greener industry possible. With millions of devices to connect together, we think the next revolution can only come up from disruptive hardware technologies to sustain the IT industry growth and customer requests.

We do not know a lot about software but are crazy good in hardware and are changing the way you may think a datacenter can be implemented. By joining our forces, we believe that we might be able to build the best cloud infrastructure ever.

What do we offer

Engineering services

Our engineering team can offer you the best services to adapt or develop any kind of digital concept, from connected devices who will be managed by Cloud hardware to DataCenters infrastructure. We are using state of the art digital solutions for your benefits.

Open Compute products

We can supply you with the latest Open Compute hardware, including racks, PSU, servers, storage and much more. We are providing bundled solutions which are fully tested, and/or parts supplies.


Our support team provide level 1, 2 and 3 supports for Open Compute systems. Level 1 is provided in french, english and spanish. We are currently running it between 9am to 7pm on working days, and will expand it by the end of 2014.

Production and Staging

Our production team is currently assembling more than 10 000 x86 systems per year with the best quality available in Europe at the right cost. We supply corporate customers as well as retailers and setup cost driven production tools in Europe aligned with Open Compute philosophy.


Our purchasing department will provide you consulting and help to source the best components with the most fair and well balanced customer/supplier relationship. We can help you to purchase low quantities or very high volume, in France, Europe or everywhere in the world.

What do they think

SDS brought us in a very quick manner the best technical solution for our needs with the benefit of being very closed to us as to provide the fastest support capabilities we never had.

Bernard Monnier

Purchasing Manager, Thales Research and technology

SDS fanless technology is really appreciated by our scientists who can now work in a perfect silent workspace. As a second benefit fan removal, brings some slight advantages on energy consumption of our workstations.

Stuart McLellan

IT manager, Ecole Normale Superieure Cachan

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Where are we based

Splitted-Desktop Systems (SDS)
Parc des Algorithmes, Batiment Aristote
Route de l’orme des Merisiers
91190 Saint-Aubin

We operate everywhere in Europe and in the world.

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